LCD Therapy Testimonials:

Dear La Mesa Spine Center,
Iím writing you today to thank you for all you and your office have done for me. Iíve had back trouble for ten years, ever since I hurt myself lifting weights in high school. During this time, all the stretching, swimming, and pilates my body could endure did not keep me from being in pain all the time. No matter what I did, it was always stiff and tight.
I know that all sounds terrible but let me assure you that you donít have to feel bad for me. Today, I am a completely different person than I was a few months ago. Iíve been receiving treatments on your LCD Therapy machine for about two months, and getting the occasional massage. My pain level has gone down to almost nothing, plus Iím a lot looser. Iím happy to say that I can now swim and stretch without any pain. Itís weird. I have almost forgotten what it feels like to have chronic pain.
Chris H. (Age 26, San Diego)

Dear La Mesa Spine Center,
Once upon a time there was a welder, who during his 50 year career developed bulging discs in the lower back and neck. Quite painful and led to his premature retirement. He went to an orthopedic surgeon, who wanted to slice him up to fix the problem. ďNot going to happen,Ē thought the welder. So then came the opportunity to try LCD Therapy at La Mesa Spine Center. This non-invasive, painless, peaceful treatment being state-of-the-art was the perfect choice for this tired old welder. Yes, Iím the tired old welder, and before the treatment I could not stand or sit without the discomfort I had before. I would recommend this therapy to all those who are candidates for this treatment.
Roger D. (Age 64, San Diego)

Dear La Mesa Spine Center,
Gladly, in appreciation, will I give my testimonial in support of LCD Therapy and your caring service! The treatments I received there were enjoyable, painless and healing. Everyone on staff in this office is certified to operate the LCD equipment and knows the patients are hurting when they come for an appointment. I can not only stand up straight, but can do gardening and care for grandchildren! The awful pain in my lower back is gone! I have my life back!
J.G. (Age 65, San Diego)

Dear La Mesa Spine Center,
I have suffered low back pain for many years. I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my lower back. It had progressed to the point that when I got up in the morning I was unable to stand up straight. I would have to move about with two canes until I was able to stand straight. I went to La Mesa Spine Center and they took an x-ray of my low back. They showed it to me and it looked like something out of a horror movie. They told me about LCD Therapy and how it could help my condition so I started the treatment three times a week. I immediately started feeling less pain and was able to stand straight getting up in the morning. I know that it has definitely kept me out of a wheelchair.
Robert R. (Age 78, El Cajon)

Dear La Mesa Spine Center,
After the first treatment I had relief. I went through the full 20 treatments and I am able to go about normal living now.
Janie K. (Age 61, Lakeside)

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