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Month: April 2021

Top Chinese banks promote CBDC over local payment firms for shopping festival

Some of China’s largest state banks are actively promoting the digital yuan as a superior means of payment to the country’s two leading payment providers, Alipay and WeChat Pay.

In a Monday report, Reuters revealed that six of China’s largest banks are promoting China’s nascent central bank-issued digital currency, or CBDC, in Shanghai ahead of an online shopping festival on May 5.

The banks are urging retail outlets and consumers to download the digital wallet and make purchases using the CBDC, also known as e-CNY. This would bypass the current payment methods of choice for millions of shoppers, Ant Group’s

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Are At-Home LED Skin Care Tools Worth It? And Do They Work?

LED masks look vaguely like something Iron Man would wear from the outside, and shine multicolored lights onto the skin that claim to clear acne, prevent wrinkles and repair sun damage. Kourtney Kardashian uses one (or at least sells a device on her website), so if it’s good enough for a Kardashian, why not for the rest of us?

But it’s not quite that simple. At-home LED devices can range in price dramatically. There’s an under-$40 Neutrogena LED mask for acne (which only lasts for a month before the activator light needs to be replaced). Or you can step it

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Chris Harrison Not Married Despite Wedding-ish Photo with Girlfriend

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6 ‘Ugly’ 2000s Fashion Trends Making A Comeback

The 2000s were chock full of cringe-worthy trends that you never thought would re-surface. And like every era in fashion, they’re now enjoying another trip around the sun. Which ‘ugly’ 2000s fashion trends are back, you ask? Think trucker hats, thong sandals, and shiny pants á la Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Paris Hilton.

It’s like de ja vu seeing some of the 2000s trends back in the style lexicon that fashion enthusiasts once declared were polarizing. But the modern iteration of these trends are embracing the ‘ugly’ aesthetic. Consider the sweater vests that it-girls like

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Mother’s Day jewelry we know she’ll love

(CNN) —  

Moms aren’t usually that hard to shop for — flowers, chocolate and maybe just a phone call is often enough to make her happy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t step it up and get her something that doesn’t have a two-week shelf life — like jewelry.

These top-rated jewelry gift ideas for Mother’s Day are an easy way to get Mom something she’s sure to love — because literally hundreds of other shoppers loved and reviewed it too. If you’re shopping for your mom, your grandmother or even your BFF who’s a first-time mother this year, you’re

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Baby Botox: Why W&H Beauty Director is glad she tried it

Baby Botoxsounds cute, doesn’t it? And while the needle-phobic among us may disagree, there is something sweetly unintimidating about this Botox-lite tweak that’s a firm favourite of Beauty Editors, A-listers and anyone who wants to have a bit of work done without actually looking ‘done.’ 

It’s a fact that even the best eye creams, skincare for dry skin and the best retinol cream in the world can only do so much for facial lines. This is why woman&home Beauty Director, Charley Williams-Howitt decided, after years of deliberation over going down the injectible road, to try baby Botox.


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