Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Day: April 3, 2021

‘A Woman’s Worth’: Male conceptions of feminine beauty | Arts & Culture

In a series of paintings curated by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, male artists portray women in a multitude of different ways. Yet one thing remains the same — all of the women are being looked upon and depicted in a passive manner.  

 “A Woman’s Worth,” a virtual exhibit at the JSMA, provides a feminist theory lens to these classic paintings by male artists.

In “Nude Reading,” an oil painting by Pierre Daura, a woman lounges naked, legs crossed, reading a book. The perspective of the piece suggests that the woman is being watched. In another image,

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How to get the Telfar Shopping Bag that is always sold out

For the most part, last year’s biggest shopping trends were pretty easy to predict. From tie-dye sweatsuits to the nap dress, we were looking for items that would keep us comfortable while we stayed home and adjusted to our new normal. So when the Telfar Shopping Bag became one of the most-wanted accessories of the year, it was somewhat surprising.

While other luxury brands struggled as the economy took a serious hit, Telfar, helmed by Liberian-American fashion designer, Telfar Clemens, seemed to have its best year yet. The global fashion shopping platform, Lyst, revealed in their Year in Fashion Report

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Is Scalp Care the New Skin Care? | BoF Professional, The Business of Beauty, News & Analysis

After almost a decade in business, skin care brand BeautyBio expanded into hair care last year. But rather than formulating an entirely new product, the brand launched a version of its at-home facial microneedling tool designed specifically for the scalp.

BeautyBio promised its new tool, which could be purchased with or without a complementary scalp serum, would stimulate hair growth while also treating other concerns like dryness and itchiness. As a marketing tool, the premise worked: within 90 days, the brand sold through six months worth of product. Even though it only launched in October, the scalp care offering already

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George Kittle’s pre-wedding tattoo didn’t thrill his wife

Every tattoo has a story, and George Kittle’s wife Claire had a supporting role in his “Dark Knight”-inspired ink.

During an appearance Wednesday on Kyle Brandt’s “10 Questions” podcast, the 49ers tight end spoke about getting a tattoo of the late Heath Ledger’s Joker the night before his 2019 wedding.

“I’m getting married on a Wednesday. I decide that I want this tattoo on the Friday before my wedding. And I get it scheduled through my tattoo artist,” Kittle said. “And I was like, ‘Hey, I’d really like to get this. I’m gonna be gone for awhile after this,

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‘Paris to Hollywood’ Puts Iconic Couple’s Fashion Sense On Display At Denver Art Museum

“I discovered this huge collection that she has kept not only of several hundred dresses, but also documents and photography. All sorts of souvenirs about her mother and her father as well,” she said. 

Müller used archives at couture houses in Paris for research. About half the dresses on display are original samples from fashion shows.

“Véronique was very good friends with many couturiers like Hubert de Givenchy, André Courrèges, Yves Saint Laurent, and she was able to be dressed with these original designs,” which was not a common practice at the time, she added.

Courtesy of the Denver Art
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Blotter: Home burglarized, jewelry stolen | Premium

Home burglarized, jewelry stolen

A Victoria home in the 1600 block of Azalea Street was reported burglarized Tuesday, according to police records.

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