Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Day: April 8, 2021

This ‘bold and brave’ beauty brand creates makeup with transgender women in mind

The Telegraph

Exclusive: French Open to be delayed by a week due to President Macron’s latest Covid crackdown

The French Tennis Federation is expected to announce on Thursday that the next grand-slam event – the French Open – will be delayed by a week because of the tougher Covid-19 measures announced by President Macron last week. The delay will shift the event from a May 23 start to a May 30 start, and return the calendar to the old two-week gap between Roland Garros and Wimbledon. A more comfortable three-week interval has been the norm since 2015. The news follows

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Supermarket employee saves baby in runaway shopping cart

ALTON, Ill. (KTVI) — A supermarket employee in Illinois was in the right place at the right time when he saved a baby in a runaway shopping cart.

Schnucks courtesy clerk Ben Mazur was on cart duty on March 17 when he realized something was wrong.

“I seen this large shopping cart rolling down the parking lot,” said Mazur.

The cart and child were headed straight for a stop sign, so he sprinted down

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23 Best Refillable Makeup, Hair, and Skin Care Products for a Sustainable Beauty Routine

What once felt like an impossible-to-achieve ambition in the quest for more sustainable beauty-product packaging has, as of late, become a rapidly increasingly reality: More and more brands are launching products with options to refill the original container. As we predicted, companies at every level — little-known indie lines, designer skin-care creators, drugstore staples, and more — have heard the call to reduce waste, and they’re not ignoring it.

“The benefits of refillable packaging are a net decrease to the amount of plastic that is produced,” Sonya Lunder, senior toxics advisor for Sierra Club‘s Gender, Equity & Environment program,

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I Called Off My Wedding. The Internet Will Never Forget

“I think it’s an even stronger statement than that,” Seyal said. “If we solve the problem you describe, the user doesn’t necessarily come back more, but we might have solved what’s a terrible experience on the internet. And that in itself is enough.”

Pinterest hadn’t really solved it, though. The new tuning feature I saw in their offices felt like little more than expanded menu options, a Facebookian revision of settings. In early 2021, Pinterest was still suggesting “24 Excellent and Elegant Silk Wedding Dresses” to me.

That day, leaving Pinterest and walking back to my office, I realized it

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Louis Vuitton’s New High-Jewelry Offerings Look to Far-Flung Travel Destinations

Photo credit: Jens Mortensen

Photo credit: Jens Mortensen

From ELLE Decor

Clockwise from left: Louis Vuitton tsavorite garnet pendant in white gold and diamonds. Tsavorite garnet bracelet in white gold and diamonds. La Cavalière earrings in white gold and diamonds.
Prices upon request.

For all the finery that now bears the Louis Vuitton label—ready-to-wear and fragrances, monogrammed handbags and intricate watches—the quintessentially French maison started out in 1854 as a purveyor of trunks and travel goods. Reverence for those origins pervades every aspect of the brand. Its latest high-jewelry designs are inspired by journeys of an unconventional nature: through time and space. For the

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