Friday, May 07, 2021

Day: April 17, 2021

After Snatching One Crown, Mrs. World Gives Up Her Own

Last year’s winner of Mrs. World, a beauty pageant for married women, said she would return her crown after she snatched one off the head of the 2021 winner of Mrs. Sri Lanka World, claiming that she was divorced — a violation of pageant rules.

Pushpika de Silva had just been crowned Mrs. Sri Lanka World at a pageant in Colombo, Sri Lanka, last weekend when Caroline Jurie, the 2020 Mrs. World winner, took the stage and announced that “there is a rule that you have to be married and not divorced.”

“So,” she said, “I’m taking my first step

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What 8 Stylish People Have In Their Spring Shopping Carts

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

“Buy anything good lately?” It’s a question I have been asking, and have been asked, more than ever lately. The prospect of warm weather and the world opening up again clearly has people shopping — or, at least, thinking about shopping. But the combination of fashion’s never-ending search for newness and tons of pandemic-induced uncertainty has made figuring out what you want kind of overwhelming. How are we all supposed to dress these days? Are there even trends anymore?

Below, I asked eight expert shoppers what they want to wear for spring-summer 2021. Some

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How Long It Takes Skin-Care Products to Work

With the rise of online shopping, tailored Instagram ads, and enough TikTok videos to keep your shopping cart constantly filled, instant gratification has become somewhat of a norm in our era. But when it comes to skin care, expecting immediate results could set you up for disappointment. True, some products are formulated to work their magic overnight (think an acne-drying lotion meant to reduce redness in your flare-up), but others may take weeks to create visible results (which may explain why your hyperpigmentation seems so “stubborn”). The question becomes, then, when should we expect to see the benefits of the

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The Bride and Groom Met at a Wedding

Successive dates went equally well.

As it turns out, Mr. Ruiz had a litmus test of his own. He spontaneously invited her over one afternoon to his parents’ house to meet them, and then, to several other family gatherings, including a cousin’s football party.

“I have a big, robust, Latino family and I wanted to see how she’d handle it all,” he said.

She did just fine. “Rachel can be quite inspirational,” he said. “She’s so ambitious, and forward looking.”

By 2018, Mr. Ruiz was on the road to conversion, and in June 2019, he proposed over dinner at Scarpetta

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Local design student collaborates with clothing company on fashion line

EAU CLAIRE (WQOW) — What once seemed like an out-of-reach dream for one UW-Stout student is now becoming a reality, as her fashion designs are being shipped all around the world.

“I was like seven years old when I realized I wanted to go into fashion. It was always such a far reach for me. It was like, ‘that’s just something people say, it doesn’t really happen,'” Kalia Moua said. “I always felt that way. Maybe it was because I grew up here, and there was nobody that would ever dare to have that career.”

Moua, 24, is a junior

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