Friday, May 07, 2021

Day: May 1, 2021

New Silicon Valley shopping spree tops $1 billion

SAN JOSE — A big office and research park in north San Jose has been bought by a West Coast investment group, part of a billion-dollar shopping spree for Silicon Valley properties in recent weeks.

RioTech Park in north San Jose has been bought in an all-cash deal by a Seattle-based group in a deal that is just the latest of several major purchases of large office complexes in Silicon Valley in less than a month.

Starting at the end of March, investors have paid well over $1 billion for large office properties in Santa Clara County, a sign that

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7 Summer Skin Care Tips, Straight From Dermatologists

Summer really only has one flaw: It wreaks havoc on people’s skin. The hot and humid weather is not only uncomfortable (does anyone like feeling all sweaty and sticky?), it also means the chances of getting a myriad of complexion woes is pretty high. So just like switching up a winter skin care routine can help you keep a nice glow when it’s dark and cold out, there are essential summer skin care tips to follow that ensure you remain in the clear as the temperatures rise.

Some bad news is that heat — and especially humidity — can bring

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Cast, Plot, and Release Date Details

  • In a Good Housekeeping exclusive, Hallmark Channel announces the release of a brand-new movie trilogy next year.
  • The Wedding Veil trilogy will star Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, Autumn Reeser and When Calls the Heart’s Kevin McGarry.
  • The movies are loosely inspired by Lori Wilde’s book There Goes the Bride: Wedding Veil Wishes Book 1.

    Hallmark Channel celebrates love in all of its forms — the kind that you feel when you chase an adventure, the one that sweeps you off your feet (and into a handsome hunk’s arms) and the ease you feel with your best friend by

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    The Best Fashion Instagrams, Tweets, and TikToks of the Week

    Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Arcade Vintage, Fendi, Emilia Petrarca

    Now more than ever, people are experiencing fashion through their phones. In “Screen Time,” fashion writer Emilia Petrarca shares all the screenshots, double taps, and swipes she made this week.

    Some weeks knit themselves up into a cohesive theme. This was not one of those weeks. Still, plenty of things happened: Fendi launched a line of dog accessories; Tom Ford gave an interview about desk cocaine; I found an incredible Alaia belt. Read on for the roundup.

    Fendi introduced a pet-accessories line this week that includes a

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    Copenhagen designer infuses men’s jewellery with Scandi cool

    Copenhagen designer infuses men’s jewellery with Scandi cool

    Copenhagen-based brand Elhanati unveils new men’s jewellery collection, X, where masculine and feminine intertwine

    ‘We see men that want men’s jewellery, and also men that appreciate and want the cleaner, softer pieces,’ says jeweller and Elhanati founder and creative director Orit Elhanati. ‘I steal my husband’s shirts and jackets from his closet, and he steals my jewellery. This kind of pushed me towards creating something that is made just for him. My world is really a mix where the masculine and feminine are constantly playing with each other; they are intertwined, but

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    Hydrafacial: What is it, what does it cost and does it work?

    The Hydrafacial has been called an MOT for your skin, the ultimate glow-giving facial, and like a deep peel and microdermabrasion in oneminus the downtime. Confirmed celebrity fans include supermodels, business moguls, and Spice Girls (Suki Waterhouse, Karren Brady, and Emma Bunton, no less).  

    It’s also known in the industry as something of an intermediary treatment. One to try when even the best eye creams, skincare acids et al aren’t doing what they used to but you either aren’t ready to get into the world of needles and knives or are sure you’ll never go down an invasive

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