Friday, May 07, 2021

Day: May 3, 2021

Shopping cart theft a growing problem during COVID pandemic in Fall River

FALL RIVER — Would you mind not stealing our shopping carts?

That’s the sentiment of some local businesses.

Studies have shown that pilfering those wheeled carts — and purposefully pushing a shopping cart off the premises of a business technically constitutes a theft — costs businesses across the country millions of dollars each year.

In Fall River there’s even a local ordinance that exclusively pertains to the taking and abandonment of shopping carts.

Environment Article III of Chapter 26 — which is intended to eliminate a public nuisance and potential health and safety hazards — makes the shopping

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What It Was Really Like to be Part of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding

Millions of people around the world have memories of watching Prince William and Kate’s milestone royal wedding a decade ago, either on television or maybe even as part of the crowds lining the streets. However, for those who found themselves actually taking part in the big day, the recollections are perhaps a little bit more vivid and also all the more unique. Among those who found themselves at the center of the excitement on April 29, 2011 were the team at Westminster Abbey, and some have shared their recollections with T&C 10 years on.

“We are the anonymous people at

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Artisans in India struggle to survive in fashion’s ‘invisible supply chains’

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN

Before the pandemic, Gayatri Khanna’s Mumbai-based embroidery firm used to work on luxury garments and accessories for some of the world’s biggest fashion houses.

Now, she said, some of them won’t even answer her calls.

“These are people who we have spoken to for years and years,” she said during a phone interview. “And suddenly there’s no news, or even a ‘What’s going on?’ Or, ‘How is the business?'”

Amid a coronavirus crisis that is pushing India’s hospitals to breaking point, collapsing demand for apparel in the West is also having a devastating knock-on effect
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Studio Ghibli Launches Adorable Spirited Away Jewelry Line

Studio Ghibli recently released its first foray into the world of computer-generated animation with Earwig And The Witch, and it seems as if the anime studio is once again diving into some strange territory with a jewelry line that celebrates one of its biggest blockbusters in Spirited Away. Following a young girl traversing through a magical world in an attempt to change her parents back into human beings after a spell transformed them into pigs, Spirited Away won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and was one of the most profitable movies to ever be released in Japan.

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Renaissance Woman Anna Alimani Sparks A Healthier Dialogue In Women’s Beauty

The cardinal rule when it comes to success in any calling is being greater than your environment.That couldn’t be more true or more relevant than during the pandemic when to win and achieve is grossly out of sync with the mainstream plight.  Rather than being a product of our environment, there are however, those few of us who carve within ourselves an internal world immune to the ebbs and flows of the external. The manifestation of excellence from within is something that extends itself 360 degrees- across the most minute details as well as our overarching trajectories in life.


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