Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Day: June 4, 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Rely Just on a Skin-Care Ingredients Lists

Group of pipettes with serum and oil on luxury silver background

Being able to decode the back of a skin-care product is basically becoming the modern day, beauty industry equivalent of being able to decode the World War II Enigma machine. The obsession with deciphering complex ingredient names, percentages, and concentrations is ever-growing. There are even Facebook groups where people post nothing but skin-care product ingredient lists to ask other people (who don’t have any cosmetic or scientific qualifications) if these particular product are “safe” or not.

This fixation with dissecting ingredient lists has led to increasing generalizations and labeling ingredients as either “good” or “bad,” which, in turn, adds to

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Tiny weddings on the rise, but so are costs

Hayley Bick’s summer wedding was picture-perfect – but smaller than she imagined it to be. 

She and her husband, Joe Bick, exchanged personalized vows on a Virgin Islands beach last August. Once the two shared their first kiss as husband and wife, cheers erupted – not from the 150 friends and family they had originally planned to invite to their wedding ceremony, but from a group of vacationers wading in the ocean nearby. 

The San Diego-based couple had been looking forward to a larger wedding in Ontario, Canada, but pivoted to an island ceremony without guests after the pandemic foiled

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PacSun, Fashion Scholarship Fund Select Winners of Gender-Neutral Design Competition

Allegra Abrams and Oli Perez were selected as winners of a PacSun and Fashion Scholarship Fund competition that sought original gender-neutral designs.
Photo: PacSun

After more than 200 students submitted designs for an original gender-neutral collection, PacSun and the Fashion Scholarship Fund named two winners.

The competing students came from the FSF Alumni and the Class of 2021 FSF Scholars, and came up with original ideas when designing their capsules. After the field was whittled down to eight finalists, competitors presented their collections earlier this month to a panel of industry leaders with Allegra Abrams and Oli Perez selected

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Maple Summer 2021 Jewelry Collection Lookbook

In the middle of hot, humid summer weather, it’s basically impossible to wear more than a lightweight layer, like a tank top or statement shirt, without breaking into a very uncool sweat. Even then, it’s a struggle. That’s why it’s best to fight sweaty stress by accessorizing up as you dress down, banking on swag-infused sunglasses or some shiny summer jewelry, like the pieces crafted by Canadian company Maple.

A plethora of lush accessories are on hand (no pun intended) for the hot season, including a slew of glistening gold accent pieces and plenty of .925 silver counterparts. One standout

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The outreach effort to vaccinate Sonoma County’s farmworker community amid covid conspiracy theories

For all its beauty, California’s wine country is also a land of crushing inequality.

The distrust and social alienation felt by farmworkers and laborers has become fuel for anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

Can mutual trust beat disinformation?

One woman tests the power of presence in a community accustomed to neglect.

CLOVERDALE, Calif. — Mayra Arreguin had knocked on every trailer in the sun-drenched barrio, the ones with the elaborate flower gardens and those with the boarded-up windows, too.

She had five days left to fill 100 coronavirus vaccine appointments that had been set aside by a local clinic for low-income

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