Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Day: June 6, 2021

This e-com company helped kill shopping malls. Now it’s moving into on

Just on the east side of the line that once divided Berlin in half, a former East German shopping mall from the 1970s has been given a new life. After years of underwhelming sales, the mall’s owners decided to turn the six-story mall into an office building to serve the city’s vibrant startup scene.

The first tenant of this adapted building is the online clothing retailer Zalando, a Europe-focused business worth $27 billion—and one of the reasons shopping malls like this are becoming obsolete.

[Photo: ©HB Esch/courtesy Jasper Architects]

The project came about through a design competition launched

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The Best Skin Care Products For Your Neck, According To Experts

You have your skin care routine down perfectly ― never has your face looked more vibrant and glowing. But then you look down, and there it is: the neck. Often plagued with wrinkles, bands and sagging, the neck is one of the quickest and most obvious body parts to show aging.

Even using your traditional skin care routine on the neck doesn’t always seem to help these issues. So what are the best ways to combat and smooth these age-showing fine lines? We’ve asked experts in the field.

Why do necks age so quickly, anyway?

“Interestingly, the face and the

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Chimamanda Adichie Challenges Western Wedding Tradition In Tribute To Late Mother

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Photo: HARVARDUNIVERSITY

Chimamanda Adichie has taken an exception to the wedding convention in which the father of the bride takes a central role.

The award-winning writer on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, argued that western wedding traditions sidelines the mother of the bride.

“I have always felt that western wedding traditions sideline the mother of the bride — the father walks the bride down the aisle, the father has the first dance with the bride, often the father gives a speech while the mother doesn’t,” Adichie said on her Instagram page.

Adichie also recounted how she gave her

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One Stop Jewelry Shop to open for sales, repairs, custom work

Joe and Denise Jacobs will open One Stop Jewelry Shop at 7 E. Oak Ridge Drive on June 1.

“I’ve been doing jewelry for 25 years,” Joe Jacobs said Monday.

He’s worked at other stores and been in business for himself. Most recently, he said, he and Denise operated out of their home in Spring Mills, W.Va.

Joe Jacobs poses outside One Stop Jewelry Shop on Monday, May 24, 2021. Jacobs and his wife, Denise, will open the new business on June 1. A grand-opening celebration is scheduled for June 4 and 5.

“We had a studio in our basement,” he said.

He said they had been looking for a location for a while and decided on the spot on Oak Ridge Drive just east of South Potomac Street. It’s a high-traffic area, he said.


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Jail and fine for woman who unlawfully performed beauty treatments, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – A non-medical practitioner who performed beauty treatments, including a nose threadlift, on her customers was given 10 weeks’ jail and a fine of $5,500 on Friday (May 28).

Tan Shu Min, 26, will spend an additional 22 days behind bars if she is unable to pay the fine.

She had earlier pleaded guilty to one count of acting as a medical practitioner even though she was not registered to do so and did not have a valid practising certificate.

The Malaysian had also admitted to three counts of importing health products into Singapore without a licence and one

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