Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Day: June 9, 2021

Leicester City Summer Shopping – Midfielders

Hello, and welcome to our annual Leicester City Summer Shopping series, where we take a look at positions where the Foxes might be considering buying. Then, we find a group of players who have almost no chance of coming to City and explain why they would be great buys!

This year, we’re adding a wrinkle: We’re going to look at players who have legitimately been linked with moves to the East Midlands. We’ll also look at how the players fared statistically on and what believes their current value to be. We have generally avoided players who were promoted

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‘Frenemies’ Host Trisha Paytas Announces New Skin-Care Line

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has had a controversial history on social media, but the podcaster and vlogger has never shied away from sharing their problems with fans and followers. One of the concerns they often talk about is their ongoing bout with acne breakouts. And with all of the costume and makeup changes they make for their YouTube channel and Frenemies podcast, they have tried just about everything to get their skin under control.

Now, Paytas says they’ve found the answer to regulating their skin concerns and they’re launching a new skin-care line to help others with the same issue find

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16 Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas That Go Beyond the Cocktail Dress

Though dresses are the most popular garment choice for formal occasions, cocktail parties, and weddings, they certainly aren’t the only option. A dress might not suit your mood or style and so why invest in an occasion-specific knowing you’ll most likely only end up wearing it once? For a less traditional but equally tasteful wedding guest outfit, you could consider dressed-up tailoring, party-ready jumpsuits, or elegant and formal separates like a bustier top with tuxedo pants instead. You’ll look the part (without looking like everyone else), and you’ll be able to incorporate and re-wear these pieces beyond the wedding day—an

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First Nations fashion designers make history at Australian Fashion Week

For the first time in its 25-year history, the internationally acclaimed fashion event — Australian Fashion Week — opened with a 65,000-year-old custom: a Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony by the Gadigal people.

It was made even more special by a performance by the Muggera dance troupe and First Nations Fashion and Design (FNFD) all-Indigenous fashion showcase curated by Cairns-based Meriam Mer woman Grace Lillian Lee.

“Our team is standing on the shoulders of many that have gone before us in building up the industry,” Ms Lee, founder of Indigenous advocacy group First Nations Fashion and Design (FNFD), said.

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Almasika’s Catherine Sarr on the Intersection of Art and Jewelry

Chicago-based, French-born jewelry designer Catherine Sarr founded Almasika in 2014. Since launching, it has built a large following of both celebrities and style icons alike. Sarr’s elegant, modern designs use 18-karat gold, natural diamonds, and precious gemstones and have made a profound statement in the jewelry world. Sarr and her husband, Mamadou-Abou Sarr, are also passionate collectors of fine art — a natural fit, as jewelry can be considered wearable art. Sarr talks to us about the art and jewelry world, her most recent collection, and the symbolism behind her signature cowrie shell collection. 


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Royal jelly: the best-kept skincare beauty secret

Royal jelly is a multipurpose skincare wonder and is a youth-boosting treasure that French women have been raving about for years. Produced by worker honey bees, the milky substance is fed only to the queen bee who thrives on its nutrients. 

Beyond the hive, for us humans, royal jelly is a versatile, natural balm and a cosmetic rejuvenator like no other. This amazing substance will soon become your favorite skincare routine indulgence.

What is royal jelly? 

Royal jelly is a creamy, protein-rich secretion derived from the glands of worker honeybees. It is believed to be the ingredient responsible for the

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