Saturday, July 31, 2021

Day: June 16, 2021

5 Advantages to Shopping for Clothes Online

Shopping for clothes online definitely has its perks. Find out why online shopping beats shopping in stores.

Shopping for clothes online

We are currently living in the most convenient era. Online shopping has transformed the retail industry, making shopping for clothes easier than ever.

With several apps and websites to choose from, you can buy clothes from the comfort of your home by just clicking a few buttons. However, there are several more advantages to shopping for your clothes online.

1. Shop From Any Location

Online shopping from home

Online shopping gives you the freedom to choose where you want to shop. You could be lounging on your

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From Teen Crush to Forever Love! Ebube & Bon’s Beautiful Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

We’ve caught the love bug and are blushing so hard, thanks to Ebube and Bon. So, before you go on with this feature, just be prepared to smile all through! 😅

Over a decade ago, Ebube and Bon met as high school teenagers. Bon “lost sleep” over the beauty that is Ebube (this will make more sense as you read how Ebube shares their love story 😂) and a budding friendship soon formed. But time happened and the young friends grew up and grew apart. But this was certainly not the end for love as years later, the two reunited

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Ferrari Is Racing Into Fashion

Last weekend, 100 of the Italian style world’s journalists and tastemakers were chauffeured in black vans to the Ferrari headquarters, a soaring glass factory designed by Jean Nouvel in the small Italian town of Maranello. They sat surgically masked on socially distanced cubes besides what is, on a normal day, an assembly line for F1 cars but which on this day had been transformed into a runway.

Surrounded by unfinished cars on the plant’s cherry red conveyor belt, they watched as models paraded by in vintage roadster-printed shirts and organza nylon jackets gleaming like freshly waxed vehicles. Logo-laden seatbelts

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The 27 Best Fine Jewelry Brands to Shop Online

There was once a time when it was considered unfathomable to buy fine jewelry (let alone high fashion) online, spending four figures, and beyond, on something that could only be vetted through a computer screen. The landscape has vastly changed: Now, not only are there countless direct-to-consumer, millennial-marketed, Instagram-famous jewelry brands, but the tried and true heritage houses have also gotten on board with the digital revolution. During the Covid-19 era, especially, a well-heeled subset of women, homebound and desperate for some joy, took to turning online jewelry auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s into the new high society bloodsport. While

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Meet The Artist Capturing How Women Around The World Coped During The Global Pandemic

“This is a time we have to record and document. These are stories we will be able to tell our grandchildren, tell them what it was really like. I had a human and artistic desire to document what we were going through with paintings,” said artist and designer Rebecca Moses.

Moses, like so many people in 2020, had life derailed. Her campaign for the Fragrance Foundation was halted after a year of planning. Life for everyone drastically changed under quarantine, and Moses’ daily practice of painting and drawing life as an artistic ritual, forced

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