Saturday, July 31, 2021

Day: June 20, 2021

PayPal, Forrester Research Discuss the Future of Shopping

During the FN CEO Summit, Frank Keller, senior vice president of consumer in-store and digital commerce at PayPal, and Scott Compton, senior analyst at Forrester Research, hosted a session on the main stage to discuss what the shopping experience of the future will look like and the role of payments as a strategic partner. The picture they painted was a retail landscape fully transformed by the global pandemic.

Immediately after the keynote presentation, Compton held a workshop for industry executives where he went into greater detail with a focus on the role of physical stores.

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Unilever to acquire Paula’s Choice from TA Associates under prestige beauty division

Unilever signed the agreement to acquire Paula’s Choice from global private equity firm TA Associates for an undisclosed sum; a deal expected to close in Q3 2021. The personal care major said Paula’s Choice was a “digital-led”​ skin care brand and “pioneer”​ of science-backed products and direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce.

“Paula’s Choice offers powerful content and digital tools to demystify the science behind skin care, including an extensive ‘Ingredient Dictionary’ that breaks down the research behind nearly 4,000 ingredients, and ‘Expert Advice’ – a curated online hub of skin care and ingredient knowledge,”​ Unilever said.

Founded in 1995,

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Matron of Honor Threatens to Object at Sister’s Wedding if She Can’t Breastfeed at Altar

In the latest installment of crazy wedding stories trending online, a bride has made the shocking claim that her sister, acting as the matron of honor, has announced that unless she is permitted to breastfeed at the altar during the ceremony, she and her other children will object to the marriage.

The anonymous bride-to-be shared her wild story to Reddit’s popular r/AmITheA*****e forum, a page dedicated to sharing personal drama and getting peer feedback on whether or not the situation was handled well. Under the username u/Pasta_on_my_laptop, the 21-year-old bride explained how her sister was stressing her out about

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Refugees team up with fashion students at Paris upcycling workshop

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From old denim fabrics, Afghan refugee Bagher Husseini fashioned a pair of baggy jeans with fringed patches that he hopes will be paraded down a French catwalk later this year.

Husseini has worked with a sewing machine before. He made his way to Iran after fleeing fighting in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province, surviving on a modest tailor’s income.

Now he’s involved in a collaboration between French fashion students and migrants from Afghanistan and the Middle East. The Reprise project aims to train to give migrants the skills to turn second-hand clothes into edgy menswear.

“I enjoy

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From Crochet to Talismans and Enamel, These Are the Newest Innovative Jewelry Collections

Soulful Symbols

Creek Van Houten of Compass Rose Design thrives on finding the beauty of everyday objects. Her Ancient Echoes Collection transforms motifs from the past into talismans for modern jewelry lovers. Recycled materials and a commitment to ethical sourcing make this woman-owned brand a pleasure to support, while their charming designs, many of which are inspired by vintage teaspoons or buttons, are a joy to wear.


Belle-Étoile Sterling silver bangle bracelet

Sterling silver bangle bracelet with Italian enamel, mother-of-pearl, and white stones.

Well Met By Moonlight

The Belle Étoile Moonflower Collection offers a particularly dreamy take on the vibrant, nature-inspired enamel designs

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15 at-home beauty tips and tricks every woman should know

Those days are long gone when only women aspired for blemish-free, glowing and healthy skin. Today, having clean, supple and beautiful skin is a priority for everyone, but it has become difficult to complete our daily skincare routines with the overwhelming and hectic schedule. On top of that, improper diets, inadequate sleep, increasing pollution and harmful sun rays have made it almost impossible to have well-nourished and hydrated skin.
So, with their not-so-ideal work-life balance and restricted time for self-love, how can women gear up their skincare regime to protect their skin against acne, dark circles and dullness? If you
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