Friday, September 24, 2021

Day: July 4, 2021

Dear Annie: Unruly children ruin wedding for some guests

Note: The following column is updated from a previous Dear Annie column published in 2018.

Dear Annie: I recently attended a wedding where one woman and her spouse brought their six kids. Additionally, there were countless other children. There was an appetizer table set up while the wedding party had photos taken, and the children acted like they hadn’t eaten in weeks. They also ran, played tag and generally acted like it was a game to see who could take the most from the table. They did not get food and then find a seat to settle down and eat.

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Woman stole $1 million in jewelry from date while he slept, police say

A gentleman wanted a date. An attractive female obliged. 

But for the gentleman, the party came with an unexpected huge price tag. 

The young woman spent several hours with the man she had just met, enjoying some food and a little adult entertainment at another establishment. They wound up sharing a bed together at a

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