Sunday, December 05, 2021

Day: July 10, 2021

Church & Market Safeway moves shopping carts inside after 160 carts

The Church and Market Safeway (2200 Market St.) has moved all its shopping carts inside the store after 160 carts were stolen in recent weeks.

Multiple Safeway shoppers have recently reported that all the shopping carts had disappeared and that they were required to use hand baskets.

“Unbelievable, there were no shopping carts when I went to the Market/Church Safeway,” wrote Upper Market resident Scott S. in a Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Facebook group. “I asked for one and I was told all of the carts had been stolen.”

“They had a shipment of 160 carts last week and all of

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The Men’s Skin Care Opportunity | BoF Professional, The Business of Beauty, News & Analysis

A bevvy of new skin care brands is betting that men are ready to explore beyond the two-in-one cleanser.

Reyal Performance, which launched in June, brands itself as a high-performance, full-throttle maker of skin care and supplements. The brand Disco started selling men’s skin care in 2019 and raised $5 million in April, investors buying into the claims that its facial cleansing stick and scrub achieve all the buzzwords — vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and all-natural — men might buy in to. In 2019, Geologie began offering customised skin care based on quiz responses. Music producer and rapper DJ Khaled launched

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Getting married in Colorado? The state may help pay for your wedding

Brides and grooms in Colorado could potentially have a portion of their wedding comped with a new state government program.

The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) has launched the Meeting and Events Incentive, a 10% cash rebate program that can award between $3,500 to $100,000 to residents who plan or host an eligible “event or meeting.”


Weddings just so happen to be included in the OEDIT’s list of eligible events alongside business meetings, conferences, conventions, exhibitions, trade shows, concerts and other gatherings.

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Fashion Retailers Face Inquiry Over Suspected Ties to Forced Labor in China

France’s antiterrorism prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into four leading fashion retailers over suspicions that they benefited from and concealed “crimes against humanity” by using forced labor by Uyghurs in China.

The investigation by the French prosecutors started last month following accusations that the four companies — Inditex, the owner of Zara; Uniqlo; Skechers; and SMCP, which owns brands like Sandro and Maje — had profited from human rights crimes in the Xinjiang region of China, a French judicial official confirmed on Friday.

The inquiry follows an April lawsuit filed against the same four companies by human rights groups

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The creepy new way to remember loved ones

Braces yourself for this new style of macabre jewelry that incorporates the teeth of dead loved ones.

Jacqui Williams owns the Australian company Grave Metallum Jewellery, which sells handcrafted pieces that integrate the remains of the dead. Williams also mixes hair and ashes into her jewelry line, which includes commemorative necklaces, bracelets and rings.

“I do this work because I want to help people deal with their grief and loss as it’s something that is guaranteed for every living thing,” said Williams, 29, who is based in Melbourne.

When starting out a new project, Williams obtains teeth from her

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First transgender woman crowned Miss Nevada reflects on making history

A photo of Kataluna Enriquez being crowned Miss Nevada USA. Enriquez was the first transgender woman to be crowned Miss Nevada USA.

Kataluna Enriquez has always loved creating things.

“At a young age, I was unable to play with the toys I wanted,” Enriquez said. “I remember walking up to my sister’s room so I could play with her dolls. I would cut up my socks and turn them into dresses.”

On Sunday night, Enriquez was wearing one of her own creations — a rainbow-colored sequin dress — when she was crowned Miss Nevada, making history as the first transgender woman to do so. 

Enriquez, who immigrated from the Philippines with her family at the age of 10, now owns her own

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