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Day: July 24, 2021

Surf’s Up: ELLE’s July Shopping Guide

Beach, pool, lakeside, or the high seas: Whatever your destination this summer, we’ve got everything you need to make waves this season.


jade swim swimsuit bikini

Courtesy of Jade Swim

String Theory

Wear It With


zonarch swim bikini

Courtesy of Zonarch

Classics Lesson

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I Don’t Do Skin Care, but I Swear By This Face Mask

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I do not wear makeup. It’s not a habit I picked up, and I was also fortunate that during the coming-of-age years, my skin was relatively clear. The endless tubes of lipstick, cakey (or not) foundations, eyeshadows, and blush were overwhelming. It didn’t help that I spent 10 years as an ice skater, where cakey make-up was obligatory. And, my one-time experience with mascara did not end in dazzling results—after three applications

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20 best affordable jewlery brands of 2021


It’s impossible to deny the impact of great jewelry on an outfit — the right pieces will elevate your look for sure. However, for most of us, fine jewelry and casual jewelry are two completely different categories. The fine jewelry pieces you covet only make their way out of your jewelry box on special occasions, while the more casual pieces are suitable for everyday wear.

To help make your shopping easier, we spent weeks researching and testing out various jewelry pieces from brands that offer beautiful pieces at budget-friendly prices in the hopes to find some new accessory

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Video Shows Woman Getting Rejected by Disney World Character

  • Grace Foltz, 25, visited Disney World with her friend this weekend to help her cope with a breakup.
  • While there, Foltz asked Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast” on a date.
  • She was swiftly rejected, and Foltz told Insider that she found his response “so funny.”
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Two women had a rare interaction with Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast” while visiting Disney World this week.

Grace Foltz, 25, and her friend Steph visited Disney World together on Tuesday. Foltz told Insider Steph — who goes by @nots0swift on TikTok — flew into town to

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