Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Month: August 2021

Sam’s Club CEO on shopping habits, vaccines and ‘disruptive pricing’

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sam’s Club customers were busy hoarding toilet paper and stocking up on comfort foods like cookies, pizza and potato chips.

CEO Kathryn McLay says that the company called it “the era of carbs and calories,” but tells Yahoo Finance Live those buying habits are changing.

“We’re seeing this real emergence of people looking for healthy food,” she says. “Our meat counter, our produce, our seafood has done extraordinarily well.”

McLay says members of the retail wholesale club are also spending more on pricier items like snow crab legs and premium ice cream.


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Crown Laboratories acquiring $100 million skin care company StriVectin | WJHL

CEO said purchase fills gap and will increase revenues by more than half

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Locally based skincare company Crown Laboratories is buying StriVectin, an anti-aging and skin rejuvenation line sold at stores like Costco, Ulta and premium skin care outlets.

CEO Jeff Bedard told News Channel 11 the purchase fills the one gap that remained in Crown’s efforts to serve all markets.

“What this really does is position us to have a full complementary line of skin care and skin solutions.,” he said.

The addition of the high-margin business will also move Crown’s annual revenues from

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‘Some things just don’t happen’

A man is refusing to attend his sister’s wedding because of her no-child policy

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” after the two got into a fight. His sister doesn’t want any children at her wedding but he has three. It is nearly impossible for him to find a babysitter. He told her he just wasn’t going to go to the wedding; now she’s upset. 

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“My sister is having her wedding at the tail end of October,” he

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Keys Soulcare review: Why Alicia Keys beauty line might surprise you

Keys Soulcare is the beauty and lifestyle brand founded by iconic music artist Alicia Keys. After many social media teasers, the first product drop in 2020 won much acclaim from beauty fans and industry insiders who praised the clever formulas, chic packaging and ethos of offering “rituals” rather than straight down the line cosmetic products. 

If your usual stance on celebrities trying to get a piece of your skincare routine errs on eye-rolling, we hear you. Show us a beauty editor who isn’t a brand snob and we’ll show you a unicorn. But as well as hearing you, we’d also

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Kristen Bell on Anti-Redness Skin Care and Daytime Makeup

For Kristen Bell, who often begins each morning on set transforming into The Good Place’s Eleanor Shellstrop—or, more recently, a scheming, curly-haired coupon clipper for *Queenpins—*a complexion-cleansing regimen doesn’t take place until midday. “I’m starting having just gotten off work, so I’m wearing quite a bit of makeup,” the 41-year-old actress says as she removes any traces of color with a CBD coconut oil from her line, Happy Dance. With a bare face, she then pulls out her ultimate skin-care weapon: Clarisonic’s now-discontinued exfoliating brush. “I have my trusty old one from years ago, and I’ve been obviously scouring

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