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Day: September 11, 2021

Prairie Village greenlights preliminary Meadowbrook Shopping Center redevelopment

The city of Prairie Village on Tuesday evening approved a preliminary redevelopment plan for Meadowbrook Shopping Center, 5300 W. 95th Street.

Meadowbrook Shopping Center
The shopping center redevelopment plan includes facade updates and a new two-story day care center. Above, the shopping center as it currently looks.

A new two-story, 14,000-square-foot day care center, an adjacent playground and facade updates are all in the plans for the shopping center redevelopment, which sits on the extreme southwest corner of Prairie Village’s city limits, adjacent to Overland Park.

Eric Gonsher, a representative for Kansas City-based developer R.H. Johnson Company, said the project is important,

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Before a ‘Classy Dinosaur’ Wedding Came Leukemia and I.V.F.

Dr. Kaitlin Flannery and John Mancini were 29 and 28 when they met on Bumble in April 2018. They were both living in Palo Alto, Calif. — she was a resident in anesthesiology at Stanford University, and he was a lead data scientist at a cybersecurity start-up in San Jose. At the time, they couldn’t have foreseen the cancer diagnosis that would come less than two years into their relationship.

On Bumble, “We talked briefly on the app about the podcasts we had been listening to and then quickly set a date,” Dr. Flannery said. “John claims this is the

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What is activated charcoal and how does it work?

When activated charcoal hit the shelves, the dark gray bottles could have easily been another temporary trend. In reality, it has stuck around for the simple reason that many people have claimed it actually works.

You may see a lot of claims about activated charcoal as you scan beauty aisle shelves, but we’re here to explain how it works and why it can be an important element in your skincare routine.

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a fine black powder that appears in a wide range of beauty products, most often masks and cleansers. Similar to regular charcoal,

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