Hop-pily ever after.

A newlywed couple is garnering praise online after swapping out the traditional flower girl for a “beer boy” that handed out cold ones during their wedding last month in New Hampshire. A clip of the brew-tiful occasion currently boasts 5.8 million views on TikTok.

In the viral footage, posted by groom Brendan — known as @dekemp on TikTok — a barefoot man in a Hawaiian shirt can be seen strolling down the aisle tossing beer cans to guests like a wandering food vendor at a baseball game. Fortunately, the suds slinger doesn’t completely forgo a flower girl’s duties: He periodically throws petals at the couple’s friends and family, as well.

The humorous footage concludes with the brew distributor showering the groom with flowery confetti as the guests applaud in the background.

The boozy display made a splash on TikTok with the peanut gallery hailing the “beer boy” as “iconic.”

“This is hysterical. Music and all,” wrote one impressed commenter.

Another wrote, “I’d be so sad if I didn’t get a beer.”

Another spectator said they wouldn’t attempt the stunt as they would get confused and “accidentally chuck a beer at someone’s face instead of flowers.”

The beer boy hugs groom Brendan after a job well done.
The beer boy hugs groom Brendan after a job well done.
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