Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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A TikTok User Made a Solid Case for Using a Hyaluronic Acid Skin-Care Serum in Your Hair

The concept of hyaluronic acid in hair-care products isn’t a new one. According to cosmetic chemist David Petrillo, when it shows up in shampoos and conditioners, hyaluronic acid binds to the strands and follicles encourage a smoother look and feel and help prevent breakage. But using a straight-up hyaluronic acid serum intended for the skin seems a little strange, no? Not to mention potentially wasteful if it’s not effective. But that didn’t stop one TikTok user from experimenting and sharing her results with what has become an audience of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

On August 29, Kaitlyn Boyer posted

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Apply Moisturizer On Brows To Keep Them Full

Let us remind you that your brow hairs are made of the same structural components as the hair on your head—and just like those strands, they need to be washed and conditioned. The cleansing step feels more intuitive for some reason: Especially if you wear makeup—brow pencil, powder, and the like—you likely spend some time (gently) scrubbing the brows to remove the product. 

The problem is, people often forget to replenish that moisture after the fact. And according to de la Garza, “[that] would be the equivalent of shampooing your hair without conditioning it.” In other words? A recipe for

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8 TikTok Skin Care Trends Dermatologists Warn You To Avoid

Skin care TikTok is having a moment. From influencers sharing their regimens to DIY hacks to expert breakdowns, there’s something for everyone.

But dermatologists ― medical professionals who’ve dedicated their careers to treating skin ― aren’t on board with all of it.

“It’s kind of a gift and a curse,” Dr. Rayna Dyck, a dermatologist based in Alabama, told HuffPost. “The gift is there’s a lot of information readily available, and it makes it easy for people to digest things with everyday language.”

She noted that TikTok is also helpful for users who find communities of people struggling with

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Flint woman’s skin care business that began in one-bedroom apartment flourishes into storefront

FLINT, MI — La’Asia Johnson started experimenting four year ago with different recipes to create skin and hair care products that would be better and more effective for her to use after experiencing a break out of rashes from store-bought products.

Over the course of several years, interest in those initial products that she created to cater to her skin grew more popular than Johnson expected.

Johnson is scheduled to host a grand opening for Elle Jae Essentials, a skincare boutique, from 1-5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 4, at 3037 Flushing Road, Suite G in Flint.

As part of the grand

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Idina Menzel Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

Idina Menzel has always been a powerhouse thanks to her chill-inducing vocals and theatrical prowess. In her latest role as Vivian, Cinderella’s stepmother in Amazon Prime Video’s colorful, modern take on the classic fairy tale, she is no different.

The Tony Award winner credits Cinderella director and writer Kay Cannon with approaching Vivian through a more complex lens than how the typical evil stepmother role is portrayed. “She’s more grounded, less of the quintessential archetype, nemesis character,” Menzel tells Glamour. “Don’t get me wrong. She does some pretty awful things, but hopefully, the audience understands there’s been turmoil and

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Joanna Czech, Fashion’s Favorite Facialist, Launches Her Debut Skin-Care Line

Thirteen years ago, Joanna Czech left her celebrity-favorite spa in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood before moving to Dallas for love. When she decided to return to New York, in 2019, she initially thought the 400-square-foot penthouse space at The Webster would suffice. “If people even remember me,” she thought at the time, “one room will be enough.” It wasn’t. The current wait for an appointment with the Polish-born super-facialist is six months.

To be fair, Czech never really stopped coming to the city, even once she opened her eponymous flagship studio in Texas. “I would ship my machines from Dallas

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