Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Accused wedding crasher wanted after Mississippi bride says stranger stole items at ceremony

MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — A woman accused of being a serial wedding crasher is wanted Wednesday in Mississippi, on charges she stole items at a wedding where she wasn’t invited.

Deputies in Marshall County, Mississippi say Sandra Henson, of Alcorn County, allegedly shows up uninvited to weddings and steals gifts while the bride and groom celebrate.

Detectives in Marshall County say their investigation has led them to other cases, extending into Alabama. They’re hoping an arrest can stop her from ruining another couple’s special day.

March 27th of this year, Madison Sacharczyk tied the knot at a venue in Marshall

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She was hired as a bridesmaid 125 times. Finally, she had her own pandemic wedding.

Adam was the first person Jen had dated where it didn’t feel like a game. “In past relationships or dates, I would put on a show,” she says. She had the usual stories she told on first dates and was skilled at hiding the messiness of who she really was. Once Adam got to know her more, she believed, he wouldn’t feel so smitten.

“I do know you,” Adam, now 33, told her. And he wasn’t backing down. As he remembers now, “I truly wanted to stick up for how I felt and why it worked

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Ferndale wedding officiant helps couples tie the knot during the pandemic with porch ceremonies

FERNDALE (WXYZ) — Couples eagerly waiting to tie the knot in 2020 were set back by the pandemic. By the 2020 wedding season, COVID had forced venues, churches and banquet halls to close as the state tried desperately to manage a new global health crisis.

And although Michigan is now slowly reopening, and vaccines are becoming more accessible, COVID numbers continue to rise, putting into question how many will celebrate their nuptials in the safest way possible going forward – whether the more traditional route or by downsizing their big day.

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31 White Wedding Looks to Consider From the Fall 2021 Runways

It’s been over a year since most of us have been to a wedding—at least the kind we attended in the Before Times, with crowded dance floors, over-the-top flower arrangements, and hundreds of guests. The ceremonies that did take place in 2020 were mostly on Zoom or outdoors with immediate family, a stark pivot from the destination weddings and weekend-long festivities many couples had planned. Frustrating as it was to postpone (and then postpone again), the silver lining of a pandemic wedding is that there are no rules to follow, no expectations to uphold. Anything goes! Most weddings were refreshingly

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I Called Off My Wedding. The Internet Will Never Forget

“I think it’s an even stronger statement than that,” Seyal said. “If we solve the problem you describe, the user doesn’t necessarily come back more, but we might have solved what’s a terrible experience on the internet. And that in itself is enough.”

Pinterest hadn’t really solved it, though. The new tuning feature I saw in their offices felt like little more than expanded menu options, a Facebookian revision of settings. In early 2021, Pinterest was still suggesting “24 Excellent and Elegant Silk Wedding Dresses” to me.

That day, leaving Pinterest and walking back to my office, I realized it

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Wedding video of ‘flower man’ walking down the aisle wins Reddit’s heart

Flowers aren’t just for girls.

That’s what people in the MadeMeSmile SubReddit found out after one user shared a video that showed one man taking up two wedding party roles.

“This guy played the role of a Flower man for his cousin’s wedding,” the Reddit user captioned their 58-second clip.


The unidentified flower man can be seen walking out of a building and down a lightly decorated aisle. While he sashays to Frankie Beverly and Maze’s 1981 hit “Before I Let Go,”

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