Clean skincare, where do we start? Never has a beauty movement so outwardly steeped in wholesomeness become the subject of such dirty infighting. In the green corner we have the not-inconsiderable muscle of clean beauty brands and experts advocating a toxin-free existence and many benefits thereof. In the red corner have a rising swell of enraged clapback from brands, experts and journalists, who argue that the concept of clean skincare is a load of mince with a side order of waffle and that the term should have the legislative book thrown at it faster than you can say “does this contain SLS?”

I told you—spiky. For the purposes of this article it really doesn’t matter if you happen to like clean skincare. Maybe you think the best foundation is one without parabens, or the best eye cream you’ve ever tried happens to be all-natural, clean and green. You do you and if doing you means feeling a bit iffy about certain skincare ingredients, do your research around what clean beauty actually means and make a judgement call.