Leading Indonesian vegan cosmetic brand ESQA Cosmetics and Warner Bros. Consumer Products bring light and positive energy through an empowering collaboration: the Wonder Woman Believe In Wonder Makeup Collection.

Coinciding with its fifth anniversary, ESQA Cosmetics marked another major milestone by becoming the first Indonesian cosmetics brand to collaborate with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC to present the Wonder Woman Believe in Wonder Makeup Collection. Interestingly, the collection was also created to celebrate Wonder Woman’s 80th year and is dedicated to beauty and power within every Indonesian woman.

The Believe in Wonder Makeup Collection comes in diverse tones which is suitable for any occasion and any daily activity. Cindy Angelina, Co-Founder of ESQA Cosmetics expressed: “As a brand that always listens to consumer needs, it is our mission to support and empower women. We are very honored to be chosen by Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC to release this exclusive collection as part of the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman, and also to make every woman believe in their own superpower.”

This superhero-centric collection consists of new products and favorite ones from ESQA with the iconic “W” symbol from Wonder Woman. The Fearless Eyeshadow Palette, for one, comes in nine diverse colours with different finishes such as satin, glitter, matte, and duo-chrome. The Cheek Palette, meanwhile, comes with two tones called Champion and Confident. Then there’s the Cushion Blush which comes in three shades of Brilliant, Courageous, and Compassion with natural and satin finishes. There’s also the Brow Pencil which comes in three colours, namely Ash Brown, Dark Brown, and Chocolate.

To support the launch of the collection, ESQA Cosmetics also presents a digital campaign using the hashtag #BelieveInWonder to encourage Indonesian women to find their own superpowers. This campaign involves 20 iconic women coming from various backgrounds, including beauty influencers, entrepreneurs, dentists, and students such as Tasya Farasya, Rachel Vennya, Tyna Kanna Mirdad, Dilla Jaidi, Ludovica Jessica, Cindercella, and many more to represent independence, power, and beauty. Cindy also mentions that ESQA Cosmetics has plans to expand to other countries in the Asia Pacific region. The brand’s products are currently also available in Malaysia, Singapore, and China, and will come to Vietnam in the near future.