DEAR MISS MANNERS: I will be getting married later this year (assuming it’s safe to do so, given COVID). I have some relatives in my grandparents’ home country I would love to include. We rarely see each other, and there is a language barrier, but we have warm feelings and shared history.

However, they are rural farmers, and while they do well for the area, they are not wealthy by American standards. For perspective, while we’ve happily been able to send them small sums over the years as gifts, a single plane ticket would cost 10 times what we’ve ever given. So subsidizing their attendance isn’t possible.

I would love to somehow tell them that this is an occasion I wish they could take part in. Is there any version of, “You’d be welcome if it were possible, but I know it’s not, so please don’t feel any pressure. This is merely symbolic” that could be included with an invitation?