What might seems to be straight out of a Hindi film, a wedding ceremony in China had a dramatic twist when the bride turned out to be family’s long lost daughter! Now, images from the ceremony as the bride reunited with her family are going viral.

At a recent wedding in Suzhou, in coastal Chinese province of Jiangsu, an elderly woman attending the wedding spotted a birthmark in her would-be daughter-in-law before the ceremony. It resembled a mark her own child had before she was lost two decades ago. The elderly woman mustered the courage to ask the bride’s parents whether their daughter was adopted, in order to find the truth.

As it was a well guarded secret, the girl’s family was taken aback. It was then the woman explained about the identical birthmarks. The family admitted to it and said she was rescued by her adoptive parents some 20 years ago from the roadside, Oriental Daily reported.

Photos of the bride in her wedding gown, crying and hugging her mother have taken Chinese social media by storm. Netizens were left amused with many calling it comedy of errors but were happy the mother-daughter were united again after being separated for so many years.

In case, you’re wondering if the marriage was called off, the story had a happy ending. According to Sohu News, turns out, the elderly woman identified just as Grandma Xi had adopted her son. So, in the end, the wedding happened as she was overjoyed as her daughter-in-law turned out to be her own daughter. The bride is her biological daughter, and the groom went from her adopted son to her son-in-law! Many joked it’s a perfect plot for some drama shows.