Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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8 TikTok Skin Care Trends Dermatologists Warn You To Avoid

Skin care TikTok is having a moment. From influencers sharing their regimens to DIY hacks to expert breakdowns, there’s something for everyone.

But dermatologists ― medical professionals who’ve dedicated their careers to treating skin ― aren’t on board with all of it.

“It’s kind of a gift and a curse,” Dr. Rayna Dyck, a dermatologist based in Alabama, told HuffPost. “The gift is there’s a lot of information readily available, and it makes it easy for people to digest things with everyday language.”

She noted that TikTok is also helpful for users who find communities of people struggling with

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Flint woman’s skin care business that began in one-bedroom apartment flourishes into storefront

FLINT, MI — La’Asia Johnson started experimenting four year ago with different recipes to create skin and hair care products that would be better and more effective for her to use after experiencing a break out of rashes from store-bought products.

Over the course of several years, interest in those initial products that she created to cater to her skin grew more popular than Johnson expected.

Johnson is scheduled to host a grand opening for Elle Jae Essentials, a skincare boutique, from 1-5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 4, at 3037 Flushing Road, Suite G in Flint.

As part of the grand

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Up to 50% off skin care and makeup favorites

Labor Day is finally upon us, which means some of the best sales of the year are underway. While today might be one of the best times to shop for mattresses or appliances, it’s also a great time to stock up on beauty products.

If your skin care routine or makeup regimen could use a bit of a revamp right now, we found some of the best beauty sales to take advantage of right now. From 50% off markdowns at Sephora and Ulta to a rare chance to save on luxury brands, you’re going to want to see all

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Shani Darden on Her Less-Is-More Mentality for Skin Care

Shani Darden
Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photo: Courtesy of Shani Darden

Shani Darden’s rise to beloved Hollywood facialist is a cinematic one. The aspiring actress turned model turned accidental music-video star found herself on MTV backing up LL Cool J and Destiny’s Child before attending skin school, working in various L.A.-area spas, and becoming BFFs with a client named Jessica Alba. After working from a private office in Alba’s backyard, Darden opened a flagship Beverly Hills studio, where she continues to wield the transformative powers of retinol and help perpetually glowy beings like Laura Harrier (who has Darden on speed

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Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care and Ingredients

Pregnancy is a significant moment in one’s life that is equal parts awe-inspiring (you’re literally growing a human being inside of you) and stressful (you have to give up wine). On the list of pregnancy stressors—worrying about what’s in your skin-care products. While pregnancy can bring an onslaught of skin issues, like dark spots and acne, you may not be able to reach for your go-to products. To help you navigate this unnerving time, we reached out to medical experts on what ingredients to avoid and what alternative ones to look for when it comes to addressing pregnancy skin.


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How to ease back into your old back-to-work skin care routine

Most of us have felt pretty cooped up during the pandemic, but our skin has certainly been living its best life. Think about it: aside from the occasional bout of maskne, our complexions have gotten a pretty sweet break over the past year since we’ve been wearing way less makeup and spending more time focusing on creating a solid skin care routine.

Now that we’re all returning to “normal” life once again (back to the office, commuting, socializing in normal environments), our skin is about to leave its safety bubble and we can’t help but wonder: How’s it going to

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