Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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Couple’s wedding could be put on hold amid new mask mandate

Laura Thompson and her fiance, John Rhodes, had been to a few weddings this season and were finally starting to get excited for theirs

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — One couple who waited out the COVID-19 pandemic hoping for a more normal wedding had their plans rocked when St. Louis County announced a new mask mandate would go into effect on Monday.

“As soon as we had the opportunity, we wanted to get vaccinated,” bride-to-be Laura Thompson said. “I think that’s the hard part, we followed the rules and now we are the ones who kind of have to pay

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The Internet Goes Off Over Interracial Couple’s Slavery Themed Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

An interracial couple is making headlines for their unique pre-wedding photos, and it’s not because the pictures stand out for their beauty or ambiance of where the photos were taken.

In fact, the internet is having a field day slamming an engaged couple for the absurd idea to dress the Black man as a slave and his white fiancée as a plantation damsel in distress/slave owner who seemingly has saved the big ole’ negro from a life of bondage.

And the man’s got shackles on to spice up the mood acting in the pictures!

Well, Black Twitter had time, and

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Couples ready to ‘go all out’ as wedding industry sees surge, says The Knot CEO

Weddings, including those with larger budgets, are on the comeback after the pandemic forced widespread nuptial delays, Timothy Chi, CEO of wedding-planning website company The Knot Worldwide, told CNBC on Friday.

“In the U.S., there’s about 2 million weddings that happen on average annually. We saw about 50% of those happen, so that just means there’s another million weddings then that got pushed forward, and we’re really starting to see that come to fruition here,” Chi said on “Squawk on the Street.”

As a result, Chi said, he expects a 20% to 25% increase in weddings this year and in

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Weddings are making a huge comeback and couples are ‘panic booking’

“My business from last June was a lot of silence. Now we’re right back into it,” said Rhee, who owns Rheefined Company Weddings & Special Events.

Nearly half of couples planning to get married last year postponed their wedding — with most setting the new date for this year, according to The Knot, a wedding planning website. That, along with newly engaged couples searching for dates, has created intense demand.

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China wants to curb an old custom: the hazing of wedding couples

NERVES ARE common in the run-up to nuptials. Couples in some parts of China must brace for torment. In a ritual called naohun, or “disturbing the wedding”, guests haze them. Often this involves forcing the man to strip to his underwear and don stockings or a bra. Friends then tie him to something and slather his body with sticky substances such as soy sauce and eggs. Firecrackers, taped to flesh, are sometimes set off; injuries ensue. Women can be targeted, too. Naohun allows people to kiss the bride and bridesmaids and even to grope them.

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Washington, D.C. couples call wedding dance ban excessive

Washington resident and bride Shakira Tobin’s father died in a car accident three years ago. To honor her father in her wedding reception, Tobin had planned to dance with her mother as they both held a photo of him. 

But Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser’s ban on dancing at weddings put a pause on Tobin’s tribute to her father.

“For others, dancing at their wedding maybe is just dancing, but this is more than an inconvenience. This ban takes away a special moment with my mother and dead father,” Tobin told USA TODAY. 

Bowser’s order, which went into effect May

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