Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Idina Menzel Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

Idina Menzel has always been a powerhouse thanks to her chill-inducing vocals and theatrical prowess. In her latest role as Vivian, Cinderella’s stepmother in Amazon Prime Video’s colorful, modern take on the classic fairy tale, she is no different.

The Tony Award winner credits Cinderella director and writer Kay Cannon with approaching Vivian through a more complex lens than how the typical evil stepmother role is portrayed. “She’s more grounded, less of the quintessential archetype, nemesis character,” Menzel tells Glamour. “Don’t get me wrong. She does some pretty awful things, but hopefully, the audience understands there’s been turmoil and

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Savannah Hudson Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

“It’s been an interesting thing for me to navigate with my body and my skin, just because it’s very unpredictable,” she says. “Some women who have it are prone to breaking out; sometimes I can tell when it’s affecting me in my skin or my body. And it’s definitely something that not a lot of women talk about, but it’s so common. I want to start talking about it as if it’s normal, because it is, and it’s definitely an extra step in a lot of women’s lives.”

In addition to PCOS, Hudson has rosacea, which for her means her

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Jessica Barden Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

English actress Jessica Barden knows a thing or two about resilience. The 29-year-old currently stars in the independent film Holler, about a young woman working a dangerous job in a scrap metal yard in the dead of winter, who keeps getting knocked down but finds a way to always get back up. It’s not much different than the battle Barden has faced in real life with severe chronic acne.

“I was on Accutane while I filmed this,” Barden tells me over Zoom from Sydney, where up until recently she was shooting the new Netflix series Pieces of Her.

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Carissa Moore Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

Pro surfer Carissa Moore has a lot to prepare for. For the first time, surfing will be a part of the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, and Moore will be competing for Team USA. Now 28, she started surfing when she was only five years old and became the youngest athlete to win the Surfing Wold Championship at 18. Since then she’s won three more times. 

While her training routine is as intense as it gets, when it comes to her skin, she tends to keep things simple. “I’m definitely more on the minimalist side,” she tells Glamour. “I

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Bridesmaid drops out of wedding party after discovering bride’s ‘insane’ secret decision: ‘Is she jealous?’

A woman dropped out of her friend’s wedding after being ambushed by the bride-to-be

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to weigh in on her decision. Her childhood friend Mary asked the Reddit poster to be a bridesmaid. The two had grown apart in recent years because Mary did not like her boyfriend, Jack. The problem arose when Mary set the Reddit poster up on a blind date with one of the groomsmen, knowing full well she was committed to Jack. 

“My boyfriend Jack and I have been together [for] three and a half years.

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Lo Bosworth Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

Lo Bosworth is all grown up. While you may remember her as LC’s bubbly blonde best friend on Laguna Beach and The Hills, today she’s a full-blown business woman. Bosworth—who is still very bubbly and very blonde, FYI—founded the women’s wellness brand Love Wellness in her living room in 2016. Now, five years later, the brand is stocked on the shelves of mega-retailers like Target and Ulta, and the products have five-star reviews in the thousands. 

The brand offers supplements, vaginal care, and probiotics, which have become a corner stone of the line. “I feel like probiotics are

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