Friday, May 07, 2021

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Nikki Reed on Sustainability, Jewelry Design, and How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Nikki Reed has always been interested in jewelry. The actress-turned-designer comes from a long line of women artists and creatives (her great-grandmother was a jewelry designer). So, it’s no surprise that her brand Bayou With Love has quietly become a go-to for couples looking for sustainable options for their wedding bands and engagement rings. 

Motivated by the lack of truly eco-friendly jewelry available, Reed launched the brand to fill what she saw was a need in the market: timeless, sustainable pieces that will last a lifetime. “There’s a world where luxury and sustainability can live together,” says Reed. And her

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Shaq Went Jewelry Shopping And Casually Paid For A Stranger’s Engagement Ring

Most people’s engagement stories are romantic or at least worth retelling, but not many engagement ring purchase stories are … unless they involve Shaquille O’Neal.

The NBA legend was seen in a Zales jewelry store earlier this week, looking to buy some earrings, when he came upon a man trying to pay for an engagement ring. Eager to help, O’Neal stepped in and footed the bill for the man.

Naturally, video of the sweet moment ended up online and made the rounds on social media.

In an appearance on NBA on TNT the following day, the former basketball player explained

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Shaquille O’Neal pays off random man’s engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring for a future spouse can be stressful enough. But Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal made it a lot easier for one man.

During a segment on NBA on TNT, in which O’Neal serves as an analyst, he spoke about how he paid off the price of an engagement ring for a man who was shopping at a jewelry store after a video of the moment went viral.

“This happened yesterday,” O’Neal said on the broadcast. “So I was in Zales, looking for some loop earrings and I seen the guy come in and he was

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Shaquille O’Neal helps man pay for engagement ring at Atlanta jewelry store


Shaquille O’Neal made a lucky fan’s day. In a video posted to Instagram, the Hall of Fame big man was spotted at a jewelry store in Atlanta giving his credit card to man paying for an engagement ring.

The video itself is short, but reveals the entirety of the story as the NBA legend covers the bill and shakes the hand of the man wanting to get the ring.

O’Neal then explained some further details on “Inside the NBA” during a segment about the context surrounding the video itself. 

“This happened yesterday,” O’Neal said. “So I was in Zales, looking

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