Saturday, July 31, 2021

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Skin Care: The perfect beauty routine at home

The best thing that you can do while sitting at home is pamper your skin. It is the most vulnerable organ in our body and needs regular care. Over the past few months, we all have tried various DIYs to improve our skin and make it glowing and radiant. But it is very important to know what to follow and what not, what suits your skin and what can harm it. We got in touch with beauty expert and popular aromatherapist Blossom Kochhar to share the perfect beauty routine at home that is safe for all skin types and will
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20 Best Home Gym Equipment Buys Supermodels Are Shopping in 2021

There’s a tricky feeling that surfaces before committing to a home gym purchase, a nagging thought in the back of one’s mind, wondering: Will I care to use this in two weeks, when I’m no longer riding this fitness high? For the best options that go the distance, we tapped a handful of supermodels and fitness enthusiasts who actually use their gear outside of the studio. Think Sports Illustrated cover girls Jasmine Sanders (reveals the tiniest wearable worth your time) and Kate Bock (believes in a TRX system), and one of Victoria’s Secret’s newest faces, Yvonne Simone (loves a speed

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How to Use Fashion and Jewelry As Home Decor

Schiaparelli’s gilded aviator eyeglasses have been living in my head rent-free since I first saw them on Instagram late last year. I’m fascinated by their surrealist design, intrigued by their Dadaesque appeal. And like a magpie attracted to shiny objects, I need to own a pair (and I’d take those Swarovski-studded finger bijoux too, please).

Would I ever wear them? Probably not. I’m no fashionisto, nor am I a particularly bold dresser. But I’d totally see them work as part of a coffee table arrangement, crowning a stack of books or between a set of funky vases on a sideboard.

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Couple Goes All Out for “1920s-Meets-Versailles” Wedding at Home

Alyssa Riley admits that she led EJ Solimine on for a bit after meeting him at a dinner in Miami. “We instantly connected and chatted,” she tells BAZAAR Bride of the night they met. But they lived in different cities and had contrasting opinions about what they wanted in a relationship. “We eventually fell in love a year or so later when I moved to New York City. The day I landed, EJ picked me up from the airport, and we had the boyfriend-girlfriend chat. We’ve been together ever since.”

Alyssa, a model who has walked for Armani Privé in

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California teen allegedly stole $40,000 in jewelry on home tour

A well-dressed teenager driving an expensive car was allowed to wander unaccompanied in a Southern California mansion for sale — and he allegedly took $40,000 of jewelry during his self-guided tour, police say.

The theft from the Thousand Oaks home was reported two days after the March 13 open house, said the police report. Last week, a 16-year-old from Camarillo was arrested.

The agent said the suspect seemed young and “out of place,” but he claimed to be 23 years old and had a financial document that was required for an appointment to tour the house, which is on the

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Men pose as contractors, steal jewelry from Creve Coeur woman’s home

CREVE COEUR, Mo — Police are asking the public to be on alert after a group of men posing as contractors entered a woman’s home and stole jewelry. The incident happened in Creve Coeur, on a recent weekday afternoon. The men arrived in a white truck and offered to make repairs to the homeowner’s gutters.

The homeowner stepped outside her front door and was engaged in conversation with one of the men, unaware that the group had split up. At various points of the conversation, the suspects had entered the home and stolen jewelry from a bedroom.

A neighbor recognized

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