Friday, January 21, 2022

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Makeup? Who Needs It? These Women Are Returning To The Office Without It

For a spell, COVID-19 ― and the switch to remote work ― put some unprecedented pressure on the billion-dollar global beauty industry. Cosmetic sales slumped heavily for most of last year ― in fact, sales of all beauty products last August were down 25% compared to six months prior. Lipstick was the hardest hit product, understandably so: A face mask and a heavy matte lip don’t play nicely together.

At the time, 71% of women surveyed by the market research company NPD Beauty said they “wear makeup less often due to COVID-19 lifestyle changes.”

Sara Long, an adjunct history professor

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Up to 50% off skin care and makeup favorites

Labor Day is finally upon us, which means some of the best sales of the year are underway. While today might be one of the best times to shop for mattresses or appliances, it’s also a great time to stock up on beauty products.

If your skin care routine or makeup regimen could use a bit of a revamp right now, we found some of the best beauty sales to take advantage of right now. From 50% off markdowns at Sephora and Ulta to a rare chance to save on luxury brands, you’re going to want to see all

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Rose Inc. Launches Skin Care & Makeup

“I feel like my whole career has led me to this point,” Rosie Huntington-Whiteley tells me excitedly over a video call from London. She’s referring to the launch of Rose Inc., her highly anticipated beauty brand that was first announced last November.

With nearly 20 years in the biz — as a model, an actor, a businesswoman, and the founder of a three-year-old beauty website that bears the same name as her new brand — the English supermodel clearly knows her stuff. “I’ve worked almost every day since the age of 16,” she says. “I’ve always loved skin care

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Kristen Bell on Anti-Redness Skin Care and Daytime Makeup

For Kristen Bell, who often begins each morning on set transforming into The Good Place’s Eleanor Shellstrop—or, more recently, a scheming, curly-haired coupon clipper for *Queenpins—*a complexion-cleansing regimen doesn’t take place until midday. “I’m starting having just gotten off work, so I’m wearing quite a bit of makeup,” the 41-year-old actress says as she removes any traces of color with a CBD coconut oil from her line, Happy Dance. With a bare face, she then pulls out her ultimate skin-care weapon: Clarisonic’s now-discontinued exfoliating brush. “I have my trusty old one from years ago, and I’ve been obviously scouring

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ESQA Cosmetics Presents an Exclusive Wonder Woman Makeup Collection

Leading Indonesian vegan cosmetic brand ESQA Cosmetics and Warner Bros. Consumer Products bring light and positive energy through an empowering collaboration: the Wonder Woman Believe In Wonder Makeup Collection.

Coinciding with its fifth anniversary, ESQA Cosmetics marked another major milestone by becoming the first Indonesian cosmetics brand to collaborate with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC to present the Wonder Woman Believe in Wonder Makeup Collection. Interestingly, the collection was also created to celebrate Wonder Woman’s 80th year and is dedicated to beauty and power within every Indonesian woman.

The Believe in Wonder Makeup Collection comes in diverse tones which

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Inside Cruella’s Punk-Fantasy Makeup Looks and Ever-Changing Wigs

If Disney’s new Cruella is the origin story of a high-glamour villain—with Emma Stone slipping into the deliciously deranged character and her black-and-white wig—the catalytic scene arrives early in the film. The setting is a baroness’s estate, in the swing of a raucous costume ball. A woman has stopped by with her wild-child daughter Estella (two-toned hair hidden under a hat) to ask for money. Things don’t end well for the mother, who tumbles off a cliff with help from the baroness’s dog whistle and Dalmatians. That much is enough to set a grief-stricken girl on her path to becoming

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