Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Plano-based Pickup, hitched to the online shopping explosion, attracts $15 million in venture capital

Plano-based Pickup, an on-demand delivery service in 75 cities that works with retailers, has received $15 million in venture capital money to expand into more markets.

CEO and founder Brenda Stoner said its future expansion will also require more corporate staff across the business in sales and marketing, technology, operations, human resources and accounting.

She plans to double Pickup’s corporate staff of 100, most of them locally, but some jobs may be remote.

Pickup, founded five years ago as a consumer app-based delivery service, has evolved its business by helping retailers such as Big Lots, buybuyBaby and At Home

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This Robot Could Help Fulfill Your Online Shopping Sprees

Imagine for a moment that you have suction cups for fingertips—unless you’re currently on hallucinogens, in which case you should not imagine that. Each sucker is a different size and flexibility, making one fingertip ideal for sticking onto a flat surface like cardboard, another more suited to a round thing like a ball, another better for something more irregular, like a flower pot. On its own, each digit may be limited in which things it can handle. But together, they can work as a team to manipulate a range of objects.

This is the idea behind Ambi Robotics, a lab-grown

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The Beauty Industry’s Bold Pivot To Wellness, Self Care And Online Sales During Pandemic

Big beauty brands are tapping into changing consumer habits sparked by the pandemic.

These new habits have also made way for smaller beauty companies, which now have consumers’ full attention through online advertising. Kim Roxie, founder of Lamik Beauty, pivoted the focus of her business to online sales prior to the pandemic. But she still hoped to reach new customers through festivals and trade shows before the coronavirus shut everything down.

To adapt, the Lamik Beauty team created quizzes to recommend products to customers online. Now, Roxie hosts a weekly virtual makeup event on Facebook called “Friday

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