Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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25 affordable clean beauty products all under $20

Maybe you want to be greener – or some of your cabinet staples are past their prime and you’re looking to swap them out with cleaner options – regardless of your reasoning, using clean beauty products does not have to be complicated, or expensive.

Not sure where to start, or how to strategize so you get the biggest benefit for your buck? Read on for a mix of top-rated and expert-approved makeup, skin, body and hair products starting as low as $5, along with a few investment items that are worth the splurge.

But first, it should be noted that

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How Long It Takes Skin-Care Products to Work

With the rise of online shopping, tailored Instagram ads, and enough TikTok videos to keep your shopping cart constantly filled, instant gratification has become somewhat of a norm in our era. But when it comes to skin care, expecting immediate results could set you up for disappointment. True, some products are formulated to work their magic overnight (think an acne-drying lotion meant to reduce redness in your flare-up), but others may take weeks to create visible results (which may explain why your hyperpigmentation seems so “stubborn”). The question becomes, then, when should we expect to see the benefits of the

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Womaness Menopause Beauty Products Line To Be Sold at Target (TGT) Stores

relates to The $600 Billion Market for Women in Menopause Is Fit for Disruption

Women of a certain age are now trending in the beauty industry, where youthfulness has traditionally been celebrated. In the the past three years, a steady stream of brands has hit the market to address the issues menopausal women face: hot flashes, dramatic skin changes, low libido, achy joints, and more.

Most focus on skin care and offer creams, serums, and masks because dryness is a major problem. Brands such as Emepelle, SeeMe Beauty, Caire, and LaMaria are largely offered directly to consumers with prestige price points and have a limited selection. Industry leaders Procter &

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23 Best Refillable Makeup, Hair, and Skin Care Products for a Sustainable Beauty Routine

What once felt like an impossible-to-achieve ambition in the quest for more sustainable beauty-product packaging has, as of late, become a rapidly increasingly reality: More and more brands are launching products with options to refill the original container. As we predicted, companies at every level — little-known indie lines, designer skin-care creators, drugstore staples, and more — have heard the call to reduce waste, and they’re not ignoring it.

“The benefits of refillable packaging are a net decrease to the amount of plastic that is produced,” Sonya Lunder, senior toxics advisor for Sierra Club‘s Gender, Equity & Environment program,

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The Best Skin Care Products For Dark Circles, According To Dermatologists

For most people, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is only a cosmetic concern (and not tied to a more serious health condition), but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. And when it comes to eye creams and other treatments, figuring out what’s causing your dark circles is essential in actually addressing the issue.

“That’s why so many people are disappointed with eye creams,” said Dr. Corey L. Hartman, medical director and founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Birmingham, Alabama, and clinical assistant professor at the UAB Department of Dermatology.

He explained that the majority

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Rebel Wilson Shares Her Go-To Skincare Products for a Makeup-Free Glow at 41

From Prevention

Now that Rebel Wilson crushed her 2020 “Year of Health” goals, her aim for 2021 is to maintain the wellness practices she worked so hard to create—including her solid skincare routine. For the Pitch Perfect star, taking care of her skin is all about structure and powerful products that work, a mantra that aligns with her overall approach to self-care. Here’s everything Wilson, 41, uses to keep her skin glowing.

She takes a hair, skin, and nails multivitamin daily.

Wilson recently became an ambassador for Olly gummy supplements, and while she uses many of the varieties for

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