Saturday, July 31, 2021

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Carissa Moore Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

Pro surfer Carissa Moore has a lot to prepare for. For the first time, surfing will be a part of the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, and Moore will be competing for Team USA. Now 28, she started surfing when she was only five years old and became the youngest athlete to win the Surfing Wold Championship at 18. Since then she’s won three more times. 

While her training routine is as intense as it gets, when it comes to her skin, she tends to keep things simple. “I’m definitely more on the minimalist side,” she tells Glamour. “I

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The Best Order To Apply Your Skincare Routine In 2021, Per MDs

If you’ve ever tried your hand at baking, you’ve probably found yourself reading through a recipe and wondering why exactly the butter and sugar have to go before the eggs. But as you likely found out (hopefully not the hard way), the order of the ingredients really does matter if you want them to perform their best individually and collectively. And just like in the kitchen, the order in which you apply your skincare also makes a world of difference.

Whether you like to keep it simple or you spend an hour in the bathroom going through each step of

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Minnie Driver’s Exact Skincare Routine for Smooth Skin at 51

  • Minnie Driver, 51, shared her gentle skincare routine for a healthy, moisturized glow.
  • “As we grow older, our skin changes, and we can do lots of things to support it, but we should be kind and gentle with the process of aging,” she said.
  • She shared her favorite serums, moisturizers, and the lip balm she’s used for years.

    Believe it or not, British actress Minnie Driver is 51 years old. And while she does use some fancy serums to keep her skin smooth and glowing, her most important advice when it comes to aging is to be kind to your

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    Skin Care: The perfect beauty routine at home

    The best thing that you can do while sitting at home is pamper your skin. It is the most vulnerable organ in our body and needs regular care. Over the past few months, we all have tried various DIYs to improve our skin and make it glowing and radiant. But it is very important to know what to follow and what not, what suits your skin and what can harm it. We got in touch with beauty expert and popular aromatherapist Blossom Kochhar to share the perfect beauty routine at home that is safe for all skin types and will
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    Lo Bosworth Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

    Lo Bosworth is all grown up. While you may remember her as LC’s bubbly blonde best friend on Laguna Beach and The Hills, today she’s a full-blown business woman. Bosworth—who is still very bubbly and very blonde, FYI—founded the women’s wellness brand Love Wellness in her living room in 2016. Now, five years later, the brand is stocked on the shelves of mega-retailers like Target and Ulta, and the products have five-star reviews in the thousands. 

    The brand offers supplements, vaginal care, and probiotics, which have become a corner stone of the line. “I feel like probiotics are

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    Naj Austin Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

    Launching a social and wellness club right before a pandemic and then pivoting it into a thriving digital community during an unprecedented time in history is no easy feat. And yet that’s exactly what entrepreneur Naj Austin has done.

    When Ethel’s Club opened in November 2020, it was the first social club established to serve people of color. But when the pandemic hit New York, Austin made the difficult (and incredibly forward-thinking) decision to pivot the club into a digital platform. Members wouldn’t be able to see each other in person, but they could still connect for workshops or yoga

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