Saturday, July 31, 2021

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Skin barrier 101: a healthy barrier means beautiful skin

The ‘skin barrier’ doesn’t often get the airtime it deserves. It doesn’t have the gravitas of wrinkles and crow’s feet; it doesn’t seem quite as news-worthy as pigmentation, and it’s certainly not as sexy as the quest for a radiant glow. 

But between the growing popularity of plant-based diets and the appetite for clean beauty products free from harmful chemicals, it seems we are more conscious than ever of what we put into and on to our bodies. We are no longer satisfied by quick-fix tricks like wrinkle fillers and chemical peels (although they still have their place in our

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How Harry’s is leveling up skin care for men

From toners to eye creams, the skin-care products available for men are becoming more numerous and varied as startups vie to get them to adopt a routine, and stick to it. 

Last week, men’s shaving-turned-grooming unicorn Harry’s became the latest men’s brand to expand its range of skin-care products beyond the basic cleanser and lotion, adding a toner, eye cream, night lotion and blemish treatment to its lineup. It joins a range of startups and conglomerate-owned brands introducing a multi-step skin-care routine to men. According to Euromonitor, the men’s skin-care market excluding shaving products in the U.S. was worth $402.8 Read more

The Best Products For Crepey Skin, According To Skin Care Experts

If you’re talking about paper streamers to hang in the gym, then “crepe” is a perfectly good word. But when you’re talking about your eyes, face, neck, hands, arms and even (ugh) your knees, then it becomes something truly dispiriting.

Crepey skin, or, in medical terms, skin that has lost laxity, tends to show up more often in women than in men, and it usually becomes more noticeable with aging.

“I liken it to a warped and stretched-out rubber band that doesn’t retract back to normal, leaving the skin loose and wrinkled,” dermatologist Stacy Chimento told HuffPost. “In severe cases,

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The best skin care products for people with acne-prone skin

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Tackling acne-prone skin issues in your 20s can feel a lot like being in the middle of a skin war. On the one hand, dealing with adult acne is just annoying. On the other hand, you may be wondering about how to care for your skin without stripping it of essential oils.

Especially while stuck at home, you

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I Don’t Do Skin Care, but I Swear By This Face Mask

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I do not wear makeup. It’s not a habit I picked up, and I was also fortunate that during the coming-of-age years, my skin was relatively clear. The endless tubes of lipstick, cakey (or not) foundations, eyeshadows, and blush were overwhelming. It didn’t help that I spent 10 years as an ice skater, where cakey make-up was obligatory. And, my one-time experience with mascara did not end in dazzling results—after three applications

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Vanessa Hudgens And Madison Beer On Their Skin Care Brand, Know Beauty

Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer are, in some ways, each other’s opposite. Hudgens is bubbly and prone to laugh, while Beer is quiet and more reserved. They don’t finish each other’s sentences, though Hudgens frequently ends hers with, “What about you, Mad?” They’re not best friends, nor, in this Zoom to promote their new skin care line, are they trying to present as such. Hudgens, the 32-year-old singer-actor who catapulted to fame with Disney’s High School Musical in the early 2000s, and Beer, the 22-year-old discovered by Justin Bieber, are open about the fact that the only reason they met

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