Sunday, January 23, 2022

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‘Beer boy’ wedding stunt dubbed ‘iconic’ on TikTok

Hop-pily ever after.

A newlywed couple is garnering praise online after swapping out the traditional flower girl for a “beer boy” that handed out cold ones during their wedding last month in New Hampshire. A clip of the brew-tiful occasion currently boasts 5.8 million views on TikTok.

In the viral footage, posted by groom Brendan — known as @dekemp on TikTok — a barefoot man in a Hawaiian shirt can be seen strolling down the aisle tossing beer cans to guests like a wandering food vendor at a baseball game. Fortunately, the suds slinger doesn’t completely forgo a flower girl’s

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A TikTok User Made a Solid Case for Using a Hyaluronic Acid Skin-Care Serum in Your Hair

The concept of hyaluronic acid in hair-care products isn’t a new one. According to cosmetic chemist David Petrillo, when it shows up in shampoos and conditioners, hyaluronic acid binds to the strands and follicles encourage a smoother look and feel and help prevent breakage. But using a straight-up hyaluronic acid serum intended for the skin seems a little strange, no? Not to mention potentially wasteful if it’s not effective. But that didn’t stop one TikTok user from experimenting and sharing her results with what has become an audience of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

On August 29, Kaitlyn Boyer posted

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8 TikTok Skin Care Trends Dermatologists Warn You To Avoid

Skin care TikTok is having a moment. From influencers sharing their regimens to DIY hacks to expert breakdowns, there’s something for everyone.

But dermatologists ― medical professionals who’ve dedicated their careers to treating skin ― aren’t on board with all of it.

“It’s kind of a gift and a curse,” Dr. Rayna Dyck, a dermatologist based in Alabama, told HuffPost. “The gift is there’s a lot of information readily available, and it makes it easy for people to digest things with everyday language.”

She noted that TikTok is also helpful for users who find communities of people struggling with

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TikTok Video Shows Man Surprising His Wife With Lost Wedding Video

  • Drew and Kayla Gottfried thought their wedding video was erased after their nuptials.
  • A friend from their church ended up finding a copy of the video.
  • Drew surprised Kayla with a screening of it for their 14th wedding anniversary. 
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Drew and Kayla Gottfried thought they would never get to see their wedding video. 

The Oregon couple got married 14 years ago, and like many couples, they had their ceremony filmed so they could relive it for years to come.

But just after their wedding, they were told their wedding video was “accidentally erased,” Drew

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Toothless TikTok woman responds to trolls who criticize her beauty transformation

A woman who lost her teeth has addressed the trolls who mocked her beauty transformation in a now-viral video.

User @PrincessGlitterhead—whose real name is Alicia—recently posted the video to the social media platform where it now sits at over 20 million views as of the writing of this article.

LADbible reports that Alicia has publicly referred to herself as a “toothless TikTok catfish” due to the way she covers up her lack of teeth with makeup and other clever beauty hacks. The 36-year-old mom of four explains how she lost her pearly whites due to tooth decay brought about by

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Inside the TikTok Bride’s ‘Mandatory’ Wedding Guide for Bridesmaids

  • Bride-to-be Lisa Torres created a letter of mandatory bridesmaid expectations that went viral on TikTok.
  • She shared the full letter with Insider, and it includes a budget, timeline, and FAQ.
  • Torres wishes she fleshed out her timeline more, but overall had great reactions to her creation.
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Bride-to-be Lisa Torres went viral on TikTok after talking about the detailed letter of mandatory wedding commitments she gave to each of her bridesmaids.

Now, Torres is sharing her letter in full, plus the changes she’d make to the document if she did it all over again, in

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