Saturday, January 22, 2022

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COVID Face Masks That Are Nice Enough To Wear To Weddings

After so many 2020 weddings were rescheduled for this year, 2021 is feeling like a non-stop parade of marital celebrations. But meanwhile, the COVID-19 delta variant is raging, bringing a serious increase in coronavirus cases across the U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that all people, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks in certain indoor public places, especially in areas of the country with surging COVID-19 cases. So if you’re attending an indoor wedding, that means it’s best to mask up.

Luckily, as we’ve learned over the past 17 months, a face covering can actually be

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Vaccine Drama is Tearing Weddings Apart

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Less than two weeks before her wedding day, Amy Bettys sat in her living room crying and drinking whiskey, the show 90 Day Fiancé playing in the background. She had a difficult phone call to make, and she took a long swig to steel herself. Then she inhaled deeply, let out a groan, and dialed the number.

Her mom picked up and immediately asked what was wrong. In a shaky voice, Bettys once again begged her parents to get the vaccine. Without the shots, they likely couldn’t come to the wedding in early

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Love that Lasts Forever! BellaNaija Weddings x BellaNaija Features Presents THE EVER AFTER Series

Love is beautiful, but the path to having a happy ever after is one that is fraught with spikes and hurdles.

So when we come across couples who have been together for so long and are still waxing strong, we cannot help but ask, “how?” This, of course, is after the “wow, they’re still so in love”, “Aww! After so many years, this is so sweet!” moments. There’s almost nothing as beautiful as the love that has stood the test of time.

Then the curiosity sets in. How did they do it? Were there stumbling blocks along the way? Did

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Why Virtual Weddings Are No Longer Legal in New York

As ravaging as the coronavirus pandemic was, there were a few bright spots: dogs got walked more; humans discovered cocktails to-go.

And “Zoom weddings” became a thing.

Virtual marriage ceremonies became a symbol of love persevering in a trying time when lockdowns restricted travel and large in-person weddings. They were a vital alternative that allowed couples quarantining at home to tie the knot digitally and invite guests from afar without concerns about flying or social distancing.

Some couples appeared at the digital altar in tuxedos and gowns, others in pajamas. They took their vows on terraces, in backyards, in bed,

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Weddings are making a huge comeback and couples are ‘panic booking’

“My business from last June was a lot of silence. Now we’re right back into it,” said Rhee, who owns Rheefined Company Weddings & Special Events.

Nearly half of couples planning to get married last year postponed their wedding — with most setting the new date for this year, according to The Knot, a wedding planning website. That, along with newly engaged couples searching for dates, has created intense demand.

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Juneteenth And Pride Join Graduations, Weddings And Father’s Day In Key Jewelry Sales Month

June has always been a month for celebrations. And celebrations beget jewelry buying opportunities. Traditionally June jewelry sales revolve around graduations, weddings and more recently, Father’s Day. Now there are two other reasons to celebrate with jewelry and acknowledge community: Juneteenth and Pride month. These jewelers—Jameel Mohammed of KHIRY, Kristen and Kofi Essel of Third Crown and Max Johnson of Awe Inspired—represent their community and beyond and demonstrate the power of collaboration. And the power

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