Friday, May 07, 2021

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Hydrafacial: What is it, what does it cost and does it work?

The Hydrafacial has been called an MOT for your skin, the ultimate glow-giving facial, and like a deep peel and microdermabrasion in oneminus the downtime. Confirmed celebrity fans include supermodels, business moguls, and Spice Girls (Suki Waterhouse, Karren Brady, and Emma Bunton, no less).  

It’s also known in the industry as something of an intermediary treatment. One to try when even the best eye creams, skincare acids et al aren’t doing what they used to but you either aren’t ready to get into the world of needles and knives or are sure you’ll never go down an invasive

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Are At-Home LED Skin Care Tools Worth It? And Do They Work?

LED masks look vaguely like something Iron Man would wear from the outside, and shine multicolored lights onto the skin that claim to clear acne, prevent wrinkles and repair sun damage. Kourtney Kardashian uses one (or at least sells a device on her website), so if it’s good enough for a Kardashian, why not for the rest of us?

But it’s not quite that simple. At-home LED devices can range in price dramatically. There’s an under-$40 Neutrogena LED mask for acne (which only lasts for a month before the activator light needs to be replaced). Or you can step it

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How Long It Takes Skin-Care Products to Work

With the rise of online shopping, tailored Instagram ads, and enough TikTok videos to keep your shopping cart constantly filled, instant gratification has become somewhat of a norm in our era. But when it comes to skin care, expecting immediate results could set you up for disappointment. True, some products are formulated to work their magic overnight (think an acne-drying lotion meant to reduce redness in your flare-up), but others may take weeks to create visible results (which may explain why your hyperpigmentation seems so “stubborn”). The question becomes, then, when should we expect to see the benefits of the

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Fighting hair discrimination in Florida, lawmakers work to pass legislation

ORLANDO, Fla. – Black women in Central Florida are opening up about an issue spanning generations.

Hair discrimination has stripped thousands of people of employment opportunities and some people say it has caused them to have an identity crisis.

Shakakan Stamper is a local locktician and owner of a company called Shakakan Hair.

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Stamper spent several years working in corporate America, where she did not feel comfortable wearing

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